Photo Gallery

Mounties and various other ambulance service paramedics in action.... Somethings that we see as paramedics...public does not get to see that often....
Viewers discretion is adviced. Photos are available on request to insurance companies / road accident fund / South African Police Services / companies. T&C will apply.
Just like any human / animal, there is a dream of having siblings, then the birth and growth, including the teething problems... This was the various vehicles used to be able to deliver service and how Mounties has grown to be a household name in the KZN province.
Some photos where the Mounties team decided to take a break and relax... LET's HAVE SOME FUN!! :)
Mounties does medical stand by for making of various movies, ie: BBC, National Geographics, etc. Some of the photos taken during the making of the movies...
These are photos taken during our demonstrations at the various medical stand by done. We can arrange demonstrations for schools, fund raising events, etc.
First Aid training done by our our highly qualified & experience staff.

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