+ How does Mounties acquire authorisation to transport contracted medical aid schemes?

+ How does Mounties billing procedure work?

+ How does Mounties submit the invoices?

+ I have received an invoice, what do I do?

+ What to do when the medical aid reject the invoice?

+ Will Mounties be refunded by the medical aid in full?

+ What if the medical aid refuse to settle the balance?

+ What if I do not settle the invoice?

+ Will I be able to get credit if my name is on the credit bereau?

+ What to do when black listed at credit bereau?

+ What services does Mounties offer?

+ Where is Mounties based?

+ What is Mounties?

+ Which medical aid is Mounties contracted to?

+ How do I contact Mounties Ambulance Service?

+ Will Mounties Ambulance always be allowed to transport the patient?

+ How do I settle my ambulance account.

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