The Mounties are well known in Canada as highly skilled professionals working toward crime prevention. South African Mounties have decided to leave the crime busting and offer a more sophisticated serviceto the people who have fallen ill or been injured, using the same high standard of public service as their Northern hemisphere partners.

MOUNTIES AMBULANCE & EMERGENCY SERVICE was established in July 2000 in Greytown, Midlands, KwaZulu Natal, RSA. It started as a dream and made possible by a franchise agreement from another private ambulance service. After hard work and lots of dedication, Mounties was accredited by the Board of Healthcare Funders as an Intermediate Life Support ambulance service (2nd highest road ambulance registration available)in September 2002. Mounties was allowed to practice indepently. Mounties has ever since been a service provider to all contracted & non-contracted medical aid schemes, including Workmen's Compensation (I.O.D).

MOUNTIES became a well known ambulance service in the Midlands Area, KZN. All because of the high level of patient care and professionalism its patients received, regardless of the financial status.

MOUNTIES specialises in any medical emergency situation {life threatening / non life threatening} (any public / private venue to nearest most appropriate medical facility) and inter-hospital transfers (medical facility / hospital to a more advanced medical facility / hospital).

With a low case load of 255 for 2003, unfortunately Mounties had to relocate the service to Empangeni, North Coast, KZN to enable expansion of the service. The service relocated to Empangeni in July 2004. Increase the case load to 580 for 2005. In December 2006, Mounties has been accredited Advanced Life Support status by Board of Healthcare Funders. In 2007, an increase of cases up to approximately 1950, with one additional ambulance.

MOUNTIES has a 24-7 call center operating, which is staffed by qualified registered ambulance assistants. Our ambulances & reponse vehicle are staff by Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Life Support staff members. All staff members are currently registered with the Health Professional Council of SA (HPCSA).

MOUNTIES staff members go beyond the call of duty, by assisting the receiving hospital during emergencies, by continueing treatment of the patient with the assistance of Doctors & nurses in the hospitals.


Best possible response time upon receiving your phone call;
The HIGHEST level of professional medical treatment (regardless of financial status);
To always be friendly, caring and understanding in a medical emergency;
BEST of BEST service 24-7.

Should MOUNTIES not be able to attend to your medical emerency, we will ensure that all possible attempts are made to have another appropriate ambulance service attend to your medical emergency.

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